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Pigalle worked for the guerilla marketing agency Cunning, as Producer and chief client liaison. She oversaw the roll out of the press, marketing and launch of two stores for the Irish retail brand A|Wear. The A|Wear stores were launched at the opening of two new prestigious shopping centres, High Cross in Leicester, and Cabott Circus in Bristol.

“Many thanks Pigalle and congratulations, the result was way better than any of us imagined at the outset!” – Aiden Hawkes, Senior Creative, Cunning


The launch activities in the shopping centres impacted an estimated audience of 50,000, with almost 4,000 promotional keys redeemed on the launch dates, exceeding projected sales targets and gaining higher than anticipated foot fall.

“It was lovely working with you and the team, we were very pleased” – Vivienne Bushell, Marketing Director, A|Wear


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A teaser campaign was developed based on the narrative Unlocking the Secrets of FashionThe campaign started with 150 white birdcages mysteriously appearing throughout prominent locations around the city centres.

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Pigalle sourced and brokered 60 business partnerships, with fashion and lifestyle shops, across both cities. 6,000 elaborately carved gold keys were displayed within the partnership shops and handed away for free. Each key carried a discount tag offer, asking to be returned to the location of the new A|Wear store.

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A four, full-page wrap advertising campaign in the Metro announced the launch of the stores and location details to return the key.

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On the launch day, a large-scale birdcage with models costumed as A|Wear birds of paradise, was positioned in the centre court of the shopping centres. The models handed out further promotional keys to passersby, causing a sensation and leading directly to increased footfall in the A|Wear stores.

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Event photography by Manolo Remiddi

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