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Thrill 2

Pigalle was commissioned by the Science Museum’s Dana Centre, to liaise with the designer and world’s only Thrill Engineer, Brendan Walker, to produce his vision for Fairground:Thrill Laboratory. She was specifically brought in to introduce new methods for public engagement, and develop techniques for integrating performers with scientists.

Fairground:Thrill Laboratory attracted sell out attendances and broke new ground for the Dana Centre. It was the first series to successfully integrate performers with scientists on such a large scale, and set a precedent for taking place throughout the interior and exterior of the building.

“Awesome concept, performers were incredible, very impressed” – Katrina Nilsson, Events Manager, Dana Centre


Thrill 7

The series achieved high profile press coverage with features on ITV News, Discovery Channel, and across publications such as iD magazine and The Daily Telegraph (see pictured above). Brendan Walker has since gone on to present Thrill Laboratory on TV shows such as BBC’s Blue Peter, and for the 2012 Nissan JUKE  campaign for the top ten worldwide advertising agency TBWA.

“Your events just get better and better. Frankly the only thing we have to worry about is how you can possibly top last night’s event” – Audience response


Thrill 3

Fairground:Thrill Laboratory was originally conceived by Brendan Walker and held as a season of six events based on Pleasure, Frisson and Excitement, inviting audiences to explore the emotions that make up the sensation of thrill.

Thrill 1

The events took place throughout the Dana Centre building, with three classic British fairground rides – the Miami Trip, the Ghost Train and the Booster – installed outside each week. Each ride was specifically selected to represent the different emotions.

Thrill 4

Pigalle commissioned actors from the award-winning experiential theatre collective Shunt, in the role of thrill scientists, improvising and interacting with the audience.

Thrill 5

An international team of scientists, psychologists and technologists participated alongside live experiments, with members of the audience connected up to bio-monitoring equipment. Their emotional and physical reactions to varying levels of thrill were recorded and projected live on the side of the building for all to view.

Thrill 6

The theme was carried throughout all elements, such as food and music, with the series contributing towards increased sales for Digby Trout catering company.

“Thrill was fantastic…it was a pleasure to be part of an event that thought outside the box. It was also great to work with people who really cared about the success of all functions involved, special thanks from us to Pigalle” – Mathew Downey, General Manager, Digby Trout


Event photography by Jennie Hill

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