Pigalle teaches Experience Design at Central St Martins College of Arts and Design, University of the Arts London. She teaches alongside her colleague Susanne Buck, Education Manager, The British Music Experience at The O2, as practitioners spearheading developments in this field.

Experience Design is the creation of products, processes, services, environments and events which focus on the quality of the user engagement, and the emotions and thoughts that are stimulated by these. This is an emerging field which is growing in global demand, in response to the public’s desire for active participation towards fulfilling experiences.

The course is aimed at brand managers, product designers and marketers from the UK and abroad, looking to replace models of passive consumption with dynamic and meaningful interactions that inspire and transform the public for long lasting effect. 

“It was a practical course with a road map for future use, I learnt a significant amount”  Product Designer
“I learnt a lot! Opened me up to so many new ideas and techniques”  Retail Experience Designer
“I harnessed the creative energy and learnings from the class to make my events at work exciting and engaging”  Knowledge Manager


The course presents artistic theories and methods, alongside contemporary case studies and learnings drawn from Pigalle and Susanne’s current practices. Students share expertise and work collaboratively on practical and theoretical exercises to take them step by step through the process of designing an experience. Topics covered include relational aesthetics, narrative forms, convergence of live and digital mediums and evaluation methods.

“I enjoyed the concepts, the examples in practice and stimulating discussions. This is one of the few classes that I have found wholly engaging”  Brand Manager
“Inspiring”, “invigorating”, “brilliant!”  Student feedback