Project Dream was conceived by the film director, producer and writer Daniel Bougourd, developed and produced by Contemporary Vintage, with Pigalle as the Creative Producer. The original concept encompasses a large-scale theatrical production, spanning a live experience and digital platform. A more compact and portable version was developed, to trial the central premise and sample audience reactions.

“It was such a wonderful and significant addition to the festival and I think will be the most memorable part of the weekend for those who took part!”  Tessa Clarefelt, Content Manager, Wilderness.


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Project Dream was commissioned by Wilderness Festival, as an intimate pop-up and titled 50p Dream. This took place as a mysterious installation, from midnight – 3am, with private one-to-one interactions with role players. Audiences were invited to reconnect to their hidden dreams and desires, and make a promise with themselves to bring these to fruition. A few months after the festival they unexpectedly received a timely reminder to activate their dreams.

“The experience was deep and a flashback of your life in minimum time. I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT!” – Audience response
“It’s changed my life”  Audience response


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Project Dream was also commissioned by the Wellcome Collection, for Seize the Day Friday late. The event asked audiences to explore what death has to tell them about life. Adapted and re-titled Immortal Dreams, this took place as an experience hidden within the gallery building, with audiences personally invited by a roving role player to participate .

“Thank you so much for participating in Seize the Day and making it such a success”  Jenny Jopson, Events Officer, Public Programmes, Wellcome Trust
Soul-searching” – Audience response
“Thought-provoking” – Audience response

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