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Pigalle was commissioned by the Science Museum’s Dana Centre, to assist in developing formats and produce a three-part events series based on sexual health, funded by the Wellcome Trust. The series included Comics’ Carnal Knowledge, involving comedians paired up with scientists on a quiz show, to uncover the myths and science behind sex.

Sex Txt invited audiences to anonymously text their questions on sex during the event, with a panel of sexual health experts replying as a live online feed, for external audiences to also email in their questions. A live webcast was held with the Director, Museum of Sex, New York, and a cultural sex expert in New Zealand.

LGB Healthy Sex was aimed at attracting a lesbian, gay and bisexual audience, to explore the myths and facts behind sexually transmitted diseases. It was featured in Gay Times, Pink Paper, QX magazine, with interviews on radio programmes for Gaydar, BBC Asian Network and BBC London Late Show.

“Participants particularly liked the format of this event. The comedy-focused format of the event, specifically the use of outrageous language and statements was perceived as highly entertaining and funny by the audience”  Evaluation report, Science Museum


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Pigalle devised a Cluedo-themed live game for LGB Healthy Sex, with role players as Professor Violet in the conservatory, Miss Scarlet in the bedroom and Mrs Peacock in the kitchen. Award-winning comedian and actor Christopher Green hosted the event as the butler. She also commissioned illustrations of the role players, which were inegrated as part of the decor.

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The butler handed audiences a clue sheet as they arrived. They were arranged in team groups, with each group rotated between the rooms. They met with a role player and two sexual health experts in each room for a set time period.

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The aim of the game was for the audience to question the participants in each room, to uncover which role player had slept with whom, which STD they had contracted, and what they could have done to avoid this.

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All the groups were brought together for a finale vote. The twist in the tale revealed that the butler had unprotected sex with all the role players and contracted all of their STDs as a result.

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Event photography by Jennie Hill

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