English National Ballet



Building on the success of the TV show Agony and Ecstasy: a Year with English National Ballet, Contemporary Vintage was invited to propose three communication campaign concepts. Concepts were developed towards attracting regional audiences to the company’s touring shows, integrating new digital technologies and based on the strap line English National Ballet brings magic to all.

“Very exciting… I shared your presentation with my team, and their reaction was very positive” – Louise Halliday, Communications Director, English National Ballet.



Meet ENB: Set of playing cards featuring each of the dancers would be given away free with a Sunday supplement. The cards come to life when held up to a webcam as augmented reality images, as if they were dancing on the person’s hand. When two cards are held together, the augmented images interact with one another to create a new sequence. The public could then create personal performances using the cards in varying combinations. A supporting micro-site would feature the dancers’ profiles, presenting behind the scenes footage and a range of sticky content to drive social media interaction.


Peepshow Ballet: Large-scale ornate music box, designed as a mobile installation, would tour the UK. A national competition would invite the public to spot the music box on the road, and send in their photos via social media. The music box would become stationary in city centres as an installation. Peep holes would allow the public to peer and discover backstage scenes taking place inside. Social media elements would be incorporated for public interaction with the dancers and to share this as viral content. At night, the music box would open its lid and transform into a film screen presenting a Pepper’s Ghost ballet duet.


ENB Local: Free outdoor ballet performances would take place as PR stunts at iconic regional landmarks, to promote the launch of a Local ENB multi-arts initiative. ENB Local would be a co-created community project across the key touring regions, inspired by links between ballet narratives and the regional history. The project would culminate in bringing communities together to present an ENB Local festival in London.

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