Science Museum, 5 Senses

Senses 1

Pigalle was commissioned by the Science Museum’s Dana Centre to assist in developing formats and produce a five-part event series on the 5 Senses, which was funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering. The impact of engineering on the senses was explored through informal discussions with the UK’s leading scientists, artist commissions, hands-on demonstrations and live experiments.

Senses 2

5 Senses was aimed at attracting a visually impaired and hard of hearing audience. Pigalle developed a tactile map of the venue, in partnership with The University of York Centre of Tactile Images, introduced induction loops throughout the building and produced an audio guide for the Dana Centre’s website.

Senses 11

Pigalle worked closely with the marketing team, provided copy across print and digital materials, and commissioned external illustrators to design the campaign images. She also commissioned an animator to create opening sequences for each of the event films, and a composer for the accompanying sound tracks.

Senses 3

Based on the theme of the seaside, Sound explored how psychoacoustics is being used in art to create auditory illusions. Pigalle liaised with multimedia artists Braunarts on their creation of a 3D soundscape installation, with an accompanying responsive video. The audience used a joystick to manipulate the sounds, moving them from side to side, rotate and turn upside down.

Senses 12

Audiences were invited to touch and test future solutions engineered for the blind and visually impaired in Sight. They met researchers and tested the latest developments in virtual-reality headsets, sonic canes and artificial retinas.  Audiences experienced 3D odours in Smell, discovered how aeronautics is being is used to create artificial noses, and saw the latest 3D nose models.

Senses 8

Themed as a hands-on funfair, Touch brought audiences together with researchers to test out the latest haptic inventions. They experienced how haptic technology replicates touch and movement, and interacted with virtual environments to experience how these are were being used for training, rehabilitation and communication.

Senses 7

Taste was held as a debate between the Government’s Principle Food Scientist and other experts from the field of food. The audience discovered how nanaotechnology is being used to transform the taste and texture of food, and discussed how this may impact on health, the environment and sustainability in the future.

Event photography by Gaetan Lee

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